Choosing the right patient:

    Diagnostic and pretreatment testing

    Oral food allergy challenge criteria and techniques

    Are all equal


    Age limits


Treatment protocols;

    Standard dosing regimen versus dosing initiated by challenge

    Dosing frequency

    Dosing gaps 

    up dosing frequency premedication probiotics

    premedication free maintenance challenge 

    single versus multiple Foods cross-reactivity 

     mixing food groups 

     vitamin D level


OIT Foods;

    What to use sources 

      preparation in-house versus compounding versus family

      weighing storage primary versus alternative foods and  

     conversion tables 

     lactose-free milk



    Doses free eating reactions

    when to quit

     sustained unresponsiveness

    follow-up labs and visit frequency

    carrying epinephrine



Mild to moderate dose 

up-dos modification 

epinephrine treated dos  

up-dos modification 

do all epinephrine use go to the ER 

minimizing reaction risk 

EOE like problems dose modification for illness 

exercise limitation to an escalation and maintenance


OIT alternatives:


Ultra slow Japanese technique


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